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The most exotic bird cages are here!
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Coolbirdcages.com is home to the most exotic bird cages on the internet. All our bird cages are handcrafted off of pine wood, in the Southern Mediterranean country of Tunisia, Africa's Northernmost cape.
Coolbirdcages.com offers a variety of bird cages to house real birds, or for decorative and ornamental purposes.
Browse also a selection of the most artful aviaries hand made off of wood and wire.
Bird Species
Bird Species
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About the Artist
Bird Cage Artist
Massoudi, at 28, has already 15 years of experience in manufacturing bird cages. Already since elementary school, he helped his father at the « bottega » ... Tell me More
About Raf-Raf
A small farming village, mainly fishermen established at the base of a mountain which advances in the Mediterranean in a very exotic cape, RafRaf ... Tell me More
About Tunisia
Tunisia's feathered population is impressive, with more than 200 bird species on record. Sightings include migrating storks, hawks and eagles in spring and autumn ... Tell me More
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Stylish Bird Cages

The bird cage tradition is known since the old Egyptian era, India, Persian, Antique Greece, and the Roman Empire. But the cage manufactured in Tunisia (more particularly in Raf Raf) has an original shape. It is a reproduction of styles and motifs of of the Arab Muslim architecture developed in Syria, Iraq, and Muslim Andalousie (8th-15th century) : the dome in metal wire consists of the reproduction of the domes of the Mosques (as in the Cordoba Mosque, now a Catholic Church)
The shape of the base is the reproduction of Noble Families Balconies (as we see it in the Al Hambra Palace, Grenada)
Even the geometric shapes given to the meta in the bird cage, are an imitation of the house windows in Old Town Cordoba, Grenada, and Seville in Spain, as well as in many Tunisian houses.

The Raf Raf Cage is manufactured in different sizes (anywhere from 10 to 60 inches in height, with a dome diameter usually half the height.) It is offered either in natural wood and wire, or white painted wire with blue, significant to the Mediterranean colors.
It is commercialized everywhere in Europe mainly in tourist areas.
About the Artist

Massoudi, at 28 … has already 15 years of experience in manufacturing bird cages. Already since elementary school, he helped his father at the « bottega » manufacturing bird cages (a profession transamitted from father to son) which he sold to tourists to pay for college.

Half way thru in college, Massoudi abandoned schooling and focused on improving the Family’s Business of Bird Cages manufacturing.
With a growth in the tourist visitors the region (5 million tourists visited Tunisia in 2003, Tunisia for only 10 million habitants), the bird cage demand went up, and Massoudi requested a Government loan to improve his Mom & Pop business, remodel the « bottega » and create a better business environment in order to manufacture always a more qualitative product.

With a team of 3 co-workers, Massoudi specializes in manufacturing a higher end product line. His bird cages are very requested in the rest of the Country, and many European tourist bird fans, take souvenir pictures with him as they celebrate the pick up of a their custom made bird cage.

In early 2004, Massoudi requested MTZ Network to tech support to introduce his Bird Cage to the Western audience. After amazing market test results, coolbirdcages.com became Massoudi’s gateway to his Western bird cage Fans, and your gateway for a Higher End Bird Cage; Fun for the Birds … Decorative for the House.
 A small farming village, mainly fishermen established at the base of a mountain which advances in the Mediterranean in a very exotic cape, RAFRAF, is part of a dozen villages situated in the Western Coast of Tunisia, resided by descendents of Muslims of Andalusia, chased out of Spain by « Isabella la Cattolica » (Catholic Isabel) in 1942.

These populations have brought with them from the rich Andalusia, to Raf Raf and to other villages, a know-how in the hydraulic field, farming, architecture, crafts, tissue and cotton, and other manufacturing professions. Rafraf is celebrated in the Country of Tunisia for :
- farming (grapes, of Raf Raf, a variety of very sweet grapes, as well as « the pear of Raf Raf, red and yellow »)
- high couture, industry managed in big part by local housewives, producing new designs of wedding bags very appreciated in the rest of the Country
- bird cage crafting, an industry run by young artisans, mainly by men workers

Rafraf is located by the « Ichckeul Lake » recognized by the UNESCO as a « patrimoine mondial » due to the site role as Winter Destination for a variety of birds avoiding the European cold. It has been lately observed that bird species all the way from Siberia fly to « Lake Ichckeul » in European winter time.

In Raf Raf, tradition is that every house has one or more bird cages for canary bird as ornament, and the first voices of the morning consisted of the village’s alarm a clock. Coffee shops, different artisans, barber shops … had also the tradition of having a bird cage with a canary at the work place, until the radio has been invented.
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