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Bird species
Handfed (Nourris a la Main)
Alexandrine Parakeet (Per. Grand Alexandrine), Cockatiels (Calopsite), Cockatiels Fancy (Calopsite de Fantasie), Cockatiels White-Face (Calopsite a Face Blanche), Masked Lovebirds (Inseparable Masque), Masked Lovebirds Fancy (Inseparable Masque Fantasie), Peach face Lovebirds (Inseparable Face Peche), Quakers
Canary (Serin)
Border, Bronze, Dutch Frill (Frise Hollandais), Fife, Gloster Consort, Gloster Corona (Gloster Corona), Mosaic, Norwich, Orange, Parisien Frill, Red (Rouge), Roller, Scotch Fancy, Variegated (Panachee), White (Blanc), Yellow (Jaune), Yorkie
Finch (Pinson)
African Citril (Serin Soufre), Bichino Owl (Diamant Bichenow), Throated Manikin (L. Malacca Ferruginosa), Black Cheek Waxbill (Astrild Joues Noire), Blue Headed Parrot Finch (Diamant de Kittlitz), Brown Headed Manikin (L. Malacca Jag Ori), Chaffinch, Chestnut and White Manikin (Lonchura Quinticolor), Cordon Bleu Red Cheek (Cordon Bleu Joues Rouge), Cordon Blue Cap (Cordon Bleu Cap Bleu), Crimson Rumped (Croupion Rouge), Cutthroat Finch (Coup Couppe), Diamond Dove Reg (Tourterelle Diamant), Diamond Dove Silver (Diamant Argente), Diamond Sparrow (Diamant a Goutlettes), Dove Brown (Tourterelle Brune), Dove Masked (Tourterelle Masque de Fer), Dove White (Tourterelle Blanc), Dove Zebra (Tourterelle Zebree), European Bullfinch (Bouvreil Pivoine), Fire (Amarante du Senegal), Forbes Parrot Finch, Gold breast (Ventre Orange), Golden Song Sparrow (Moineau d’Afrique Jaune), Goldfinch (Chardonerait Elegant), Gouldian Blue (Diamant de Gould Bleu), Gouldian Regular (Diamant de Gould), Gouldian White Breast (Diamant de Gould Poitrine Blanc), Gouldian Yellow (Diamant de Gould Jaune), Green Singing (Serin de Mozambique), Greenfinch (Verdier), Greenfinch Mutation (Verdier Mutation), Grey Crowned Manikin (Lonchura Nevermanni), Grey Singing (Chanteur d'Afrique), Java Blue (Padda Bleu), Java Fawn (Padda Isabel), Java Grey (Padda Gris), Java Pied (Padda Bigare), Java Timor (Padda Timor), Java White (Padda Blanc), Lavender (Queue de Vinaigre), Manikin Black and White (Spermettes), Masked Grassfinch (Diamant Masque), Mollucan Manikin (Lonchura Molluccensis), New Britain Manikin (Lonchura Spectabius), Nun Black Head (Capucin a Tete Noire), Nun White Head (Capucin a Tete Blanche), Orange Cheek (Joue Orange), Pale Headed Manikin (Lonchura Pallida), Paradise Whydah (Veuve du Paradis), Parson Finch (Bavette a Courte Queue), Pearle Necked Dove (Tourterelle a Nuque Perlee), Pintail Parrot Finch (Quadricolor Papes des Prairie), Pintail Whydah (Veuve Dominican), Purple Grenadier (Grenadin), Pytilia Aurora (Pytilia Aurora), Pytilia Melba (Pytilia Melba), Red Ear Finch (Bec de Corail), Red Headed Parrot Finch (Diamant Psittaculaire), Redpole, Rose Finch (Rhodopechys Mongolica), Safron Finch (Safro Bouton d'Orange), Shaftail Finch (Bavette a Longue Queue), Silver bill (Bec d'Argent), Society Finch (Moineau Japonais), Spice Finch (Damier), St. Helena (St. Helene), Star Finch (Diamant Ruficuda), Steal (Combassou), Strawberry (Bengali du Bombai), Strieaky Seedeater (Serin Strie), Twin spot Debowski, Twin spot Peters, Twin spot Shwegals, Yellow Hammer, Yellow Headed Manikin (Lonchura Maja), Yellow Rumped Seedeater (Serin a Groupion Jaune), Zebra Black Cheek (Mandarin a Joues Noire), Zebra Finch Fancy (Mandarin de Fantaisie), Zebra Finch Regular (Mandarin Regular), Zebra Giant (Mandarin Geant)

Conures (Conures)
Black Headed Conure (Conure a Tete Noire), Blue Crown Conure (Conure a Tete Bleu), Maroon Bellied Conure (Conure a Ventres Maron), Nanday (Nandey), Painted Conure, White Eye Conure (Conure a Lunetttes)
Pacific Parroted (Celestial)
Black Cheeked Green (Joues Noire avec Dos Vert), Fischer Blue (Fischer Blue), Fischer Blue Pastel (Fischer Blue Pastel), Fischer Cobalt Blue (Fischer Cobalt Blue), Fischer Green (Fischer Vert), Fischer Mauve (Fischer Mauve), Fischer Mauve Pastel (Fischer Mauve Pastel), Fischer Olive Green (Fischer Olive Green), Madagascar Lovebird (Insep. de Madagasgar), Mutation Lovebirds (Inseparables), Pacific Parroted Blue (Celestial Blue), Peach Face Lutino (Agapornide Lutino), Peach Face Mixed Colors (Face Peche Assorties), Peach Face Mixed Colors (Face Peche Pastel Asst), Peach Face Orange Throated (Agaporn.a Gorges Oranges), Personata Albino (Personata Albino), Personata Cobalt Blue (Personata Cobalt Bleu), Personata Lutino (Personata Lutino), Personata Mauve (Personata Mauve), Personata Olive (Personata Olive), Personata Violet (Personata Violet), Spectacled Parroted (Celestial a Lunettes)
Breeding Pairs (Couple Reproductuer)
Albino Ring neck Parakeet (AlPer a Col. Albino), Black Headed Caiques (Caiques a Tete Noire), Black Headed Conure (Conure a Tete Noire), Blue Crown Conure (Conure a Tete Bleu), Blue Fronted Amazons (Amazone a Front Bleu), Blue Ringneck Parakeet (Per. a Col. Bleu), Catherine Parakeet (Toui Cathrine), Cathrines Parakeet Yellow (Toui Cathrine Jaune), Congo Grey Parrots (Gris du Gabon), Gold Olive Male Ring neck (Per. a Col. Olive), Grey Ring neck Parakeet (Per. a Col Gris), Hawk Headed Parakeet (Perroquet Maillie), Jendaya Conure (Conure de Jendaya), Lace Wing Male Ring Parakeet (Per. a Col. Bigare), Lutino Ring neck Parakeet (Per. a Col. Lutino), Maroon Bellied Conure (Conure a Ventre Marron), Mitred Conure (Conure Mitre), Molluccan Cockatoo (Cacatois des Moluques), Myers Parrot (Peroq. Meyers), Nanday Conure (Conure de Nenday), Orange Fronted Conure (Conure a Front Orange), Painted Conures (Paint Conure Arc en Ciel), Plum Head Parakeet (Per. Tete de Prune), Quaker (Perruche), Red Bellied (Ara a Ventre Rouge), Red Lory (Lorie Rouge), Red Shouldered Macaw (Ara de Hans), Red-Bellied Parrot (Per. a Ventr Orange), Rueppells Parrot (Per. de Rueppel), Senegal Parrots (You You du Senegal), Sun Conure (Conure Soliel), Wagler Conure (Conure de Wagleri)
Bird Species
Bird Species
Bird Cages for Love Birds, Finches, Cockatiels, Quakers, Starts Canaries, Frill Canaries, Parisian Frills, Society Crest ... Tell me More
About the Artist
Bird Cage Artist
Massoudi, at 28, has already 15 years of experience in manufacturing bird cages. Already since elementary school, he helped his father at the « bottega » ... Tell me More
About Raf-Raf
A small farming village, mainly fishermen established at the base of a mountain which advances in the Mediterranean in a very exotic cape, RafRaf ... Tell me More
About Tunisia
Tunisia's feathered population is impressive, with more than 200 bird species on record. Sightings include migrating storks, hawks and eagles in spring and autumn ... Tell me More
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